Glean is solving generative AI’s enterprise problem by unleashing the potential of knowledge workers everywhere with the most powerful, assistive enterprise search platform on the market. Using the latest advancements in AI grounded in Glean’s unique trusted knowledge models, Glean further enables businesses to drive more revenue, ship more code and provide better customer experiences.

Register for this on-demand webinar, where Eddie Zhou, Engineer, Intelligence at Glean, shares details and answers live questions of Glean’s new features:

  • Generative AI answers: Uses the latest machine learning models including GPT-4 and PaLM and Glean’s enterprise knowledge graph to synthesize highly relevant answers to users
  • Expert detection: Leverages AI and our enterprise knowledge graph to surface the most relevant subject matter experts for users to follow up with for collaboration or questions
  • In-context recommendations: Provides users with supplemental content and context related to any given asset

Take your enterprise search to the next level!



Eddie Zhou

Engineer, Intelligence